Aquiraz Beach Park Resort Brazil

Via Local, 34 - Porto das Dunas, Aquiraz - CE, 61700-000, Brazil

About City

Aquiraz is the thirteenth largest city in the state of Ceará and is located on the nation's northeast coast. The municipality has a population of 78,438 with a population density of 160 inhabitants per square kilometer.

About Resort

Convenience, comfort and fun are the catchwords at the Beach Park Acqua Resort. Here, every detail is planned for your happiness. The recreation area, the proximity to the beach and the quality of accommodations makes Acqua the perfect venue for an unforgettable vacation. Acqua Park Beach Resort has 13,000sqm of convenience, comfort, sophistication and fun. The Resort has 143 apartments with sizes ranging from 25sqm to 72sqm. The leisure area has an infinity pool, which gives the feeling of endless continuity and the impression of the meeting sea the resort.

Parish Church of Saint Joseph of Ribamar

igrejajose ribamar

The Parish Church of Saint Joseph of Ribamar (Igreja Matriz de São José do Ribamar) is located on Praça da Matriz and dates to the 18th century. The parish church is in a simple style with little adornment. The side of the church, unusually, faces the square, not the church façade. The ceiling of the chancel features scenes of the life of Saint Joseph. The structure has a large churchyard and with a low wall and cross.

Meat Market of Aquiraz

Meat Market of Aquiraz

The Meat Market of Aquiraz dates to the 19th century and is built from local materials. The historian Clóvis Ramiro Jucá Neto called the market "one of the most important works of traditional architecture in Brazil." The market has a simple rectangular floor plan. The woodwork is of carnaúba palm (Copernicia prunifera). A single story roof is supported by a central brick column. The market became a protected structure by IPHAN in 1981.